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Please read these Disclaimers carefully.

• I maintain my equipment in top operating condition, but I will not be responsible for videotapes or camcorder tapes which snap or fail.

• I will not be responsible for the quality of any media for which I will transfer. Using leading edge technology, I can transfer from VCRs and camcorders directly to my video editing station. Therefore, your media is transferred without any reduction in quality.

• As you would with commercial DVDs or CDs, please make sure to:
- store your DVDs in the case in a cool, dark place. Exposure to sunglight and/or heat sources can damage your DVD.
- don't smudge or fingerprint the back
- keep liquid off the back or front
- return the DVD to its case immediately after viewing
- do not put adhesive labels on the DVD

• Prior to delivery, Memories2dvd tests each DVD to ensure it plays perfectly. If you experience playback issues, please contact me immediately.

• In the event that there is a problem with DVD playback, I will troubleshoot a variety of tests to determine the issue. I will not be responsible for media which ceases to function due to user error.

• I will not reproduce copyrighted material without written consent of the original producing organization.

• Occasionally, I may ask the owners of certain projects for permission to use their DVD, or parts of their project, as a sample. You will be notified before I plan to use the sample.

• All media is transferred and projects are created with the utmost confidentiality and professionalism.