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Q: How do I know if a DVD you create will work in my DVD player?

A: Generally speaking, 99% of today's DVD players will accept DVD-Rs.
If your player is older than 3 years, it might not work. I have sample DVDs
should you want to test your DVD player before going ahead with your project.

I could provide a link a website to check the compatibility of your DVD player
with DVD-Rs, but many factors are involved in DVD authoring so it can never
be one thing. That said, my procedures follow strict guidelines to ensure the
greatest compatibility.


Q: What media types do you transfer?

A: Currently, I transfer: VHS; VHS-C (tapes which fit inside VHS tapes) ;
BETA; Hi8; Digital8; MiniDV; MiniDVD/HDD; reel transfers such as 8/Super 8
and 16 mm; photographs (digital and regular) and 35 mm slides / negatives.


Q: Why choose Memories2dvd to complete our project?

A: I'm a 1 person shop dedicated entirely to your projects.
Unlike other businesses offering this service as a secondary
service, I don't sell computer equipment cameras and related peripherals.
Digitizing your memories is my entire focus! I work one-on-one with my
customers to help them understand what I can do and to
understand what they are looking to accomplish.


Q: How much 'movie' time can you fit on a DVD?

A: This can vary, but generally, close to 1.5 hours.
This maintains the quality of your footage. I currently provide single layer
DVDs as opposed to "Dual Layer DVDs" which have a greater capacity.
The reason for this decision is two-fold:

1. Dual Layer DVDs have a lower compatibility rate amongst consumer DVD players.
I would have to increase my pricing which is something I want to avoid for my
clients. I do not charge extra for multiple DVDs required to complete your project.

2. Most of clients admit they simply do not have the time to watch more than
1.5 hours at any particular setting.


Q: What is your turnaround time like?

A: For anything under 2 hours, I can transfer, created and return your
project within 2 business days. For anything beyond 2 hours, it depends
on the number of film hours and the level of editing required. I will provide
an estimated time of completion for each project before starting.


Q: Am I charged for the time it takes your equipment to create my DVD?

A: Absolutely not. You are only charged for transferring and if applicable,
editing time and/or additional copies. I use professional level equipment
to help maintain a fast processing service.


Q: How do you accept payment?

A: At this point in time, I only accept cash, PayPal, online banking or certified cheque, payable to Brian Houle. Payment is due upon receipt of your project.


Q: If I am interested in your services, how would I order?

A: Please contact me via phone at: 613-324-2383 or
via email at brian@memories2dvd.ca