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Having trouble finding your favourite albums or cassettes on CD? Or perhaps you have a special recording of family you cherish and would like to share? Memories2dvd can transfer them to CD or a digital format for your listening pleasure and to archive them for generations to enjoy.

A digital process is used after the transfer which eliminates hiss, crackles and pops - common of LPs or cassettes. I then create your CD in the same format as commercial CDs so you can skip back and forth amongst tracks. A jewel case is provided with the title and track information.

If you request digital files of your LPs or cassettes, I tag the file(s) accordingly so they are easily identified in your favourite music listening program. I can even combine your existing commercial CDs into an mp3 CD for your vehicle. You can also add the songs to your MP3 player - imagine that, listen to your old LPS or cassettes while on the go!



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